Thursday, May 17, 2007

Location, Location, Location!

I am looking for outdoor locations on private property in Butler County and Allegheny County that I may use for photo sessions. The type of locations I am seeking would include:

Rustic type buildings (remember, I only need the exterior)

Basically, any kind of natural looking landscape with areas of interest such as fences, trees, paths, or walls.

In exchange for being allowed to use the property occasionally (maybe once or twice a month during the warmer months), I am offering a complimentary photo session and a print credit to anyone who can help me secure the location. It can be your own property, or the property of a friend or relative. Doesn't matter. If you help get me permission to use it, I will provide you with the complimentary session.

I also want to mention that I am an extremely polite and conscientious person. I would always call ahead before scheduling a session at a private location and I would also make certain the property was not damaged in any way.

If you think you can help me, please email me at


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