Friday, October 13, 2006


I don't usually photograph large groups. But I have one client that is very special. She has referred me to many, many people and really helped my business get off the ground. So when she asked if I would photograph her extended family along with her father's vintage pick up truck, how could I refuse? Yes, that's right. I was asked to photograph a truck. Me. The baby photographer. I'm still proofing the truck photos and hope to have some of them to share very soon. In the meanwhile, here's another photo from the same session. That's my "tutu baby" getting a smooch. This photo just makes me smile.

On another note, many of you have commented on the little girl on the front of my business card. A few days ago she was taken to Children's Hospital. As my clients know, I never share personal information about the children I photograph so I can't give too many details. She is doing better, but her diagnosis is unclear. I'm sure her family would appreciate prayers for her recovery right now.


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