Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Impromptu Photo Session

Due to an unexpected change in my husband's work schedule, I didn't make it to the baby shower. But I still plan to call the mom-to-be and ask about setting up a newborn session. I might have called today, but this morning (while still in my pj's) my friend Heather called and said, "Do you want to come visit?"

Heather has thee kids right around the age of my middle daughter. Like me, she homeschools and we try to get the kids together now and again. We both have pretty full schedules, but one thing I try to do during the summer months is be more impulsive.

By the time I got to her house it was after 11am. Some days, it just takes longer to get everyone ready. She had mentioned photos, but I wasn't optimistic because the light wasn't good at that time of day. Heather is the lady I mentioned before whose kids I am planning a photo session with.

We ended up having a small, impromptu session today anyway, in spite of the light. I found some wonderful open shade under some large trees and her children were very cooperative. Her middle daughter was so cute. I kept telling her she didn't have to smile, but she finally just bluntly told me, "But I like to smile." So smile she did.

I've put some of the shots from today up on my portfolio site (see the link to the right). We're still planning a longer session. I am envisioning maybe a tutu or two? We'll see.

Near the end of our time, we had an unexpected model show up and pose for me. He won't make my portfolio, but I thought you might like to see his best shot.

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