Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just a note

I wanted to share a few bit of information with my clients.

First of all, I will be on vacation, June 10-16. I will have limited access to email. I will also check my voice mail daily.

The month of June is entirely booked for child sessions. I will still squeeze in maternity sessions and newborn sessions if I can (newborns are infants under 2 weeks old). I am currently booking child sessions for July. August has already begun to fill up so dates for that month are limited.

Finally, let's talk about Christmas! Yes, Christmas. If you would like images for your Christmas cards, sessions must be completed by the end of October. I will not be able to guarantee delivery of cards in time for the holidays for any sessions booked in November. The absolute cut off date for a Christmas card session would be November 15 and I will not guarantee delivery of cards for any session after October 31.

Finally, I have an idea swirling around in my head. If several families would like to gather on one day for Christmas card mini-sessions, I would be willing to try this. I would charge a group rate session fee which would be split by all the participants. The sessions would be brief, around 15 minutes per family and I would show a limited number of proofs (probably 10) to each family. To make this work, I would need one person to coordinate the day by contacting their friends and finding interested families. This individual would then contact me to work out the details. That way, I won't have a dozen different people contacting me about this. We would meet at a central location. Prints and cards would be purchased at my regular prices. Please contact me if interested. My contact information is on my website (link to the right).


Blogger pittgavo said...

Assuming we get our summer pictures in before Nora Kate turns 2 LOL... (I will not cancel, I will not cancel, I will not cancel)... we are in for a shoot like this.

6/04/2007 09:01:00 AM  

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