Friday, June 22, 2007

Good News

I found out this afternoon that all the data from my hard drive will be recovered. I have should have my computer back by next Tuesday. The PC was under warrenty, but recoving all that data will cost me a pretty penny, especially since I have such a huge hard drive. So now, I am off to spend some more money on a backup drive.

Bad news. One of my wisdom teeth is giving me a lot of trouble. Wah, I am falling apart! Unless I have a miraculous recovery by Monday, I am going to have to go see the dentist. I know he's going to pull it. I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled when I was in my early 20s and it was no big deal. But after Googling information on wisdom tooth removal for "older" people, I am now freaking out just the tiniest bit (note to self: stop Googling medical conditions as this in itself can cause a medical condition).

I know the parents of my recent newborn are eager for images, so I will post one more in black and white. I just don't trust any color edits on the laptop. She is so adorable. This is one of my favorite images ever.


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